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Welcome to the TLA Book Dealers Page. The book dealers on this page specialize in books on Texas and Texana. As with the sutlers , I don't have stock in any of these companies and they don't pay me to advertise their books. In return, I don't take any responsibitity for their goods, actions or policies. It's an arrangement we're both happy with. As usual, I do reserve the right to comment on any of the companies that I've dealt with. This is a free service, so if you would like to see a particular book dealer listed here, let me know. We would also appreciate you letting these folks know where you got their addresses and phone numbers.

Book Dealers - Catalog Sales

Book Ends (now Becky's Books)

Lake Jackson, Tx
There is now (1/08) no store location or hours listed on the website.

These guys are the best. They have an intense and abiding interest in Texas History; they're knowledgeable, efficient AND they'll treat you right.

State House Press
P.O. Box 15247
Austin, Texas 78761
(512) 759-2676

W.M. Morrison Books
15801 La Hacienda
Austin, Texas 78734
(512) 266-3381


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