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When I started down the living history trail, I didn't exactly know how to get ahold of the folks selling some of the neat accoutrements that I saw at some of the events. While this list is nowhere near a complete one, it might give you a place to start.

Now, I don't have stock in any of these companies and they don't pay me to advertise their wares. In return, I don't take any responsibility for their goods, actions or policies. It's an arrangement we're all happy with. As usual, I do reserve the right to comment on any of the companies that I've dealt with. If I get numerous complaints on any one company, they will be gone off these pages as sure as the wild goose in winter. If you would like to see a particular sutler listed here, let me know . Also please remember: Anything handcrafted, especially made to order, takes time. It isn't any faster now than it was then to make this stuff... if time is a concern, ask the sutler or craftsman for a shipping date estimate.

TLA Featured Sutler
One Stop Shopping - Clothes, Boots and Accoutrements - Tents, Tipis, Tipees and Teepees - Animal Parts - Pipestone & Pottery - Weavers, Fabrics, and such - Blacksmiths - Other Goods & Miscellaneous

One Stop Shopping:

TLA Featured Sutler:
Texas Sutler

Col. Jerry Tubbs, Prop. (T.L.A. Member)
10970 Firecreek Dr. , Houston TX 77043
(281) 668-5068 or Email

Supplier of quality goods at reasonable prices for all your reenacting needs. Emphasis on Texas Rev goods. Comments we have heard about him:
"He's very knowledgeable and accurate; knows where to get stuff; is fair to a fault and is always willing to help new folks. I think he would be a good place to send anyone with questions about clothes, etc." "...helping folks out who have really given a lot to the field and newbies that need a place to start. Jerry is fair and is quick to recommend other sutlers when they have a better deal. He's also quick to direct folks to trusted sources for custom clothing."

Primitive Arms, Inc.
P.O. Box 90524
Tucson, AZ 85752-0524
(520) 883-4598

"Primitive Arms is owned and operated by Bob and Myrna Miller and nicer folks you will not find. They have an extensive inventory of trade goods and they are one of the few places I've found to buy high quality wooden barrels. Their catalog is $2 and should be a standard catalog around any buckskinners lodge."

Panther Primitives
P.O. Box 32
Normantown, WV 25267
(304) 462-7718

"I've done quite a bit of business with these folks, including buying a 10'x10' wall tent from them, and have always been pleased with the results. They're real nice folks, to boot!! Their catalog is $2 and worth it. Or, you can download their catalog as an Adobe .pdf file from their website.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Cumberland Gen'l Store

Mercury Supply Company
These folks are primarily Civil War sutlers, but they have quite a few things the Tex. Rev. folks can use and they're good folks to deal with.

Mountaintop Trading Co.

Jack Mountain Bushcraft Goods List

Muzzleloading & More

Smoke & Fire

Dixie Gun Works, Inc.
Gunpowder Lane
P.O. Box 130
Union City, TN 38281
(800) 238-6785

These folks are the originals! They have every sort of black powder/muzzleloading supplies imaginable, along with all kinds of other unique and interesting "stuff". Their catalog is $5, but worth every penny, if only for the reference material in the back.

Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
133 North First Street
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46562
(800) 338-1665

Mostly American Revolution and French & Indian War, but some stuff didn't change much or at all; a good source for lots of camp accouterments.

Clothes, Boots and Accoutrements:

Texian Trade'n Post
222 Sidney Baker South Suite 223
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Phone (830) 997-5793 Fax (830) 896-4034

Mexican, Texas Navy, and 1836 Texas Army buttons... and I'd never seen a glass powder horn before this.

Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Works Drygoods
2218 E. 11th St.
Davenport, IA 52803-3760
(319) 322-6800

"These folks have a LOT of patterns for 18th & 19th century clothes"

Missouri Boot & Shoe Co.
951 Burr Crossing Rd.
Neosho, MO 64850
(417) 451-6100

"I was turned on to these folks by the staff at a historical site in west Texas and after seeing their catalog, I was even more impressed. I haven't ordered anything yet, but hope to soon." - Director
309 382 2728

"I was at alamo 169 and had a great time. I make custom clothing 1770-1790 and 1818-1838. Thanks for your help.
Josef Kleffman
904 287 0786 uniforms and equipment by DANIEL MANUFACTURING, CO. reproducing custom historical clothing for 25 years. Time periods include, 1830s-1840s, civil war, Spanish American war and now American revolutionary war uniforms and WWII PX items, including original and reproduction items. (Note: as of 29 Oct 06 the website is still new enough to not have pics up yet of most of the merchandise, but the descriptions in the Seminole Wars section look promising...) Maggie May's Historic Clothing- Specializing in Authentic Museum Quality Clothing for Ladies and Children from 1750-1950. 1830s era undergarments, bonnets, day dresses, and ball gowns available. Maggie May's offers both custom design and ready made clothing. All garments are one of a kind and hand made in the USA. Be sure to visit the Costume History Pages to learn more about historical clothing!

Tipis, Tipees and Teepees:

Box 1748
Conway, NH 03818
Phone: (603) 447- 2344 Fax: (603) 447-1777

For a catalog, please send your address and $2.00.
These folks make "authentic tents from vikings to WWII".

Nomadics Tipi Makers
17671 Snow Creek Road
Bend, Oregon 97701

Don Strinz Tipi
Milford, NE
Phone: 1-800-525-8474

Hi, My name is Barry Moffitt and I am a buckskinner from Lubbock, TX. You have a wonderful website with alot of great stores. I have done business with several of these fine people. I just wanted to recommend a tipi and tent maker. I have a tent and a tepee and several covers he made and I have purchased several other things from his store. I am completely satisfied with every thing Don has made for me. The company is Don Strinz Tipi. The web site is

Animal Parts (hides, hooves, bones and everything inbetween)
PO Box 2841
Cody, WY  82414
Phone 307-587-7100

Deerskin seconds at rock bottom prices.
735 Mount Rushmore Road
Custer, South Dakota 57730
Phone: 605-673-4345

It's mostly skin and bone stuff but he has everything. I've bought a lot of misc. stuff from them and they're good people. The last two years I've bought 10 coon tails and a couple of coyote faces to give to kids during the Texas Independance Day Parade. Give it a look..... Terry

Ozark Fur Co.
P.O. Box 24
Poyen, Arkansas 72128
(501) 332-5911

Hanson's Leather
6900 Andressen
Sheridan, CA 95681
(916) 633-0844

Native Naturals
500 Metuchen Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
(718) 227-0177

Pipestone & Pottery

Gems by Jak
113 Sherman St.
Ihlen, MN 56140
(507) 348-8617

Sprinkle Pottery

3802 Eugene Ct. South
Irving, Tx 75062
214-629-1902 Feel free to call during business hours, central time

Steve Sprinkle does some of the best jugs and mugs you'll find... and plates, and candleholders, and... just get to his shop before Jim's mom does, or he won't have anything colored green to show you.

Weavers, Fabrics, and such

The Upstairs Studio

304 W. Main
La Porte, Texas 77571
(713) 470-0108 or (800) 640-8991
"This place is run by Cameron E. and Clarice Shanks and Donna Rae Harris and you talk about some neat folks! They know more about period weaving than I care to even think about. They have everything you need for weaving pert'near anything. From classes to looms they have it all. They are truly "good folks", too. E-mail them at The Upstairs Studio or call toll free at 1-800-640-8991."

Wooded Hamlet Designs
now part of Needle and Thread
2215 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
phone: 717-334-4011 fax:717-334-1819
Mon., Wed., & Thur: 9:30 to 6:00, Friday 9:30 to 8:00 in the eve., Saturday , 9:30 to 5:00 These folks advertise accoutrements for your clothing project: trims, twills, buttons, ribbons, lace, beltings, and other embellishments in period correct materials.

96 District Storehouse

111 Trinity Street
Abbeville, SC 29620
Phone/Fax: 864-366-9600

We specialize in period correct cloth for living historians for just about any time period, mainly emphasizing in 18th century and early 19th century. We are in the process of building a website, but it is up and running now (28 Oct 06 - W.), though we are still trying to get it loaded. However, most of our customers order by phone or email.
Thank you for your kind consideration, and if you would like a reference you can contact Steve Sprinkle. We count him as a friend and he has seen our set-up at reenactments several times.
Dennis and Peggy Earp


Phenix Knives
305 E. Main
Bellville, Texas 77418
(713) 724-6813
I met Cowboy Szymanski at an event, and his handcrafted knives are impressive. He also makes fire tools, coffee pot tippers ("coffee monkeys") and anything else you could want. Email him at or by mail at the above address for more info.

Sleeping Bear Forge
1012 N. Robinson
Cleburne, Texas 76031
817-556-0486 (Leave Message)
Sam Keller has been 'smithing since 1956, just not all the time. He has been building Camp gear since 1998, selling at Black Powder Rendezvous from Texas to Kansas. The link is for his catalog, which shows a small sampling of what he builds. Email him at

Oher Goods & Miscellaneous

Historical Document Reproductions Inc
P. O. Box 1021
Jasper, Texas 75951

These folks carry reproductions of Travis' Letter from the Alamo and the Texas Declaration of Independence. A little on the pricey side, but nifty.

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