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This page is intended to help educators (within school systems and home schoolers) with links to other sites about Texas History. Please let us know about appropriate sites; a link to Email the Webmaster is at the bottom of the page. Clicking on a link will open a new window in your browser; closing that window will bring you back here.

For events we know about, go to our Events calendar and click on the appropriate highlighted date; for the list of details for the year (August to July to conform to the event season), click on the words "Calendar of Events" at the top of that page.

Categories: Museums, Historic Sites, Reenactment and Living History groups for 1830-1840
    These are listed on our Links page.

Articles and information written for researchers and reenactors: our History Notes page, and our Reenactor Help page for some "how did they..." information. For more info and further research, there is our reading list.

Categories: Museums, Historic Sites, Reenactment and Living History groups, Other Information for other Texas History:
    These will be listed here as we learn about them.
pre-1821 Spanish Colonial, Spanish Texas
1820 - 1836 Mexican Revolution, Mexican Texas
1836 - 1846 Republic of Texas
1846 - 1861 State of Texas, US
1861 - 1865 Second Republic period, State of Texas CS
1865 - 1870 Reconstruction, US Military rule
1870 - 1900 State of Texas, US; Cowboy Era
1900 - 2000 State of Texas, US; Oil, Industry, Transportation, Aviation, Space
2000 - today State of Texas, US; What's next?

Category: Texas History education sites
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