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Address to the Descendants of Confederate Veterans
  by Charles M. Yates - February 11, 2007
Texas Independence Day Remarks
  by Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos - March 2, 2004
Empresario Colonies in the Republic of Texas
 by Randy Leonard
San Jacinto Day Address
  by The Honorable Thomas R. Phillips,
 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas

Part One of The 1824 Flag of the Texas Revolution
  by Charles M. Yates

 Part Two: The 1824 Flag As the Alamo Flag
 by Charles M. Yates

 Travis' Complaint
 by Charles M. Yates

Letter from the Alamo
 by William Barret Travis

1836 Texas - a Letter
 by David Crockett
 The Second Battle of the Alamo
 by C.F. Eckhardt. How the Alamo was saved by Clara Driscoll and the DRT.

The Immortal Thirty-Two
by Jesse Edmonston, March 1925; with a note from W. B. Travis, Feb. 23, 1836

 Reflections at the Alamo
 by Charles M. Yates

 Twin Sisters Rededication Address August 19, 2001, San Jacinto Monument
 by Charles M. Yates

Fort Velasco - a short history
 by Jim Glover, Brazoria Militia

In Search of Creed Taylor
 by Charles M. Yates
March 2, 1836: The Myth and Meaning of Texas Independence
 by Dr. Stephen L. Hardin

A Trip to Ft. Lipantitlan
 by Charles M. Yates

Lead, Follow, or Get-the-Hell-Out'a-the-Way!
 by Ronald G. Fieseler

Reviled as Man, Revered as Monster
  by Jeffrey Dane. An article on the Immortal Three-Fourths.
The McArdle Notebooks Online,
from the Texas State Library Archives
Travis' "Victory or Death" Letter
Anybody want to see the real thing?!
Emily Morgan: Myth or Reality?
William Bollaert's Diary notes
The New Handbook of Texas is Online!!
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