The Texian Legacy Association

A Pre-1840 Texas Living History Organization

141 Short St.
Bastrop, Texas 78602

The Texian Legacy Association is a living history organization which was formed on January 1, 2002. We have put together a dedicated management team that I am very proud of and that has already provided invaluable service to the organization. Each member of the Board of Directors serves a two year term, ending on April 21. Members of the Board are eligible for subsequent terms. The TLA management team is as follows:

Executive Director (read: benevolent dictator): George Rollow. I try to keep things running on a day-to-day basis.  I live in Bastrop, Texas, am an experienced artilleryman and reŽnactor and try to keep on track with the many things TLA has going on. until April of 2006, I was Segundo (read: assistant dictator). I also take care of the TLA website,, an undertaking larger than expected.

Board Member: Ed Boyd lives outside of Johnson City, Texas and has long experience at serving as a member of the Board of Directors and has been a tireless supporter of living history in the Central Texas area. Ed built the float that TLA enters in the annual, Celebrate Texas "Texas Independence Day Parade" in Austin, and has performed yeoman's service building several items for TLA, including some beautiful signage.

Board Member: Charlie Yates was our original Executive Director. He lives in Dripping Springs, Texas; is a Colonel in the Texas Army; serves on the Mexican Field Artillery crew. Since he loves to do historical research and write about it, he has taken over as Historian for TLA.

Board Member: Jim Price lives in Austin, Texas, is an experienced artilleryman and reŽnactor and is usually one of the first to say "OK, what needs to be done next?". Jim is usually found in a key behind-the-scenes position with whatever he is doing, as well as having a good time and helping others have fun too.

Board Member: Lyn vonRoeder lives in Austin, Texas, is an experienced reŽnactor and member of a Board of Directors, and has been a tireless supporter of living history in the Central Texas area. Lyn brings the distaff (women's) perspective into clear focus in committee and at events, and is a great resource for women interested in living history.

The Texian Legacy Association welcomes all folks who share our interest in pre-1840 Texas history and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association. For further information on membership, events, rules or just to make comments, visit the other TLA pages or e-mail me by clicking here.
Sic Semper Texanus
Charlie Yates

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