Texian Guide Book
by Dick Boone

Dick Boone of the San Antonio Living History Association (http://www.sanantoniolivinghistory.org), in conjunction with other members of SALHA, has developed a wonderful pamphlet for folks wanting to portray Texian rebels in the 1830’s. The pamphlet, entitled “Texian Guide Book”, was designed to give the novice reënactor a place to start and old hands, some points of consistency. This is not a “Stitch Nazi” document. It is written so that any group should be able to use it for their basic guidelines. Dick and SALHA should be congratulated on the effort.

I’m indebted to Dick for including the TLA Basic Reading List for the Texas Revolution in the pamphlet. This is the exact type of cooperative effort TLA wants to encourage and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in the project. At this writing, the pamphlet hasn’t been posted on the SALHA web site, so with Dick’s permission, we’ve temporarily posted it here on the TLA web site until we have a link to SALHA’s posting. Take a look at it here. --CMY

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