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Events for 2013-2014

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Please note that there are a LOT of other local events. For example, Washington on the Brazos and the Barrington Farm, the Alamo, Brazoria County Historical Museum (979-864-1208), and Jesse Jones Park have things going on most of the year, monthly or as often as weekly. Check the calendar(s) of sites near you! Now on Facebook: Texas Historical Reenactors and at Waterloo Trading Company at















Aug 18, 2012 - Battle of Medina 10 AM, This year the Battle of Medina commemoration will commence at 10:00 A.M. Northwest of Leming, Texas on Applewhite Road (see directions below). THE PUBLIC IS INVITED!!!
Pre-1840 reënactors are needed to parade the colors and for volley fires for a short ceremony. The participants well relocate to an air conditioned location for the remainder of the ceremonies. Contact Tom Green ( at 832-687-3474.
How to Get There: From San Antonio, go south on US 281 toward Leming and Pleasanton. Cross Loop 1604 and go about 6 miles; watch for FM 536 on the left. Turn RIGHT there onto Pleasanton Rd. Turn LEFT at the second intersection onto Bruce Rd. Bruce Rd will veer left, then right, then left in the next 2 1/2 miles; turn RIGHT onto Applewhite Rd. Watch the right for a big tree and the battleground.
About the Battle of Medina: August 18, 1813. The Federalist´s army of native Texians and American volunteers are defeated at the Battle of Medina south of San Antonio by Spanish "royalists" resulting in the most casualties of any battle in the western United States. The Spanish army pursued the survivors to the neutral zone of Louisiana. The army under Spanish General Joaquin de Arredondo killed many adult males across Tejas and impressed their families into forced labor in Bexar. Lt. Antonio López de Santa Anna participated in the defeat of the first "Republic of Texas" as a member of the Spanish Army. This event is rated 3.


Sept 20, 2014 - Texian Navy Day ; Texian Navy Day honors the contributions of the Texian Navy in helping secure the independence of the Republic of Texas in 1836. Long recognized in an ad hoc manner by governors and the Texas legislature, in 2005, the legislature enacted a law (Texas Govt Code 662.051) officially establishing the third Saturday of each September as Texian Navy Day, which "shall be observed with appropriate ceremonies and activities."
History has forgotten that the lone star of the Republic of Texas shone brightly on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Without the daring and dangerous exploits of the Texian Navy, Mexico easily could have re-supplied their land armies still in Texas in the immediate aftermath of the surrender of Gen. Santa Anna at San Jacinto or mounted a seaborne invasion after the San Jacinto victory. The Texian Navy was able to protect the young republic's long coastline with its many rivers, bays, and inlets to projecting power beyond its littoral waters to Mexican coastal towns as far away as the Yucatán. Ultimately, the Texian Navy was a real balance of power amongst the Navies of the United States, Mexico, and the European powers, all vying for influence in the Gulf of Mexico. The Texians' courage and striking power were far in excess of that which reasonably could have been expected from such a numerically disadvantaged force, and it was their fighting spirit that made the difference.
Please help recognize this date in history and preserve the memory of the seaborne valor of those who helped create the Lone Star State by flying your Texas flag on this day.

Details about the Texas Navy and this year's celebration of Texian Navy Day may be found on the SRT website (
Details for the upcoming program To Be Announced. For additional information, contact SRT Texas Navy Committee Chairman Ron Brown. This event is not rated.

Sept 20, 2014 - Texas Navy Day Surfside Jetty Park, Surfside. Celebration and Cannon School. Flag raising 8 AM, Infantry Drill 9 AM, Cannon School 10-2, Ceremony 4 PM. (Cannoneers: The usual equipment: 100% wool jacket, earplug hearing protection, leather gloves like welding / BBQ gloves.) Contact Jim Glover 979-864-1541 This event is rated 3.

Sept 20, 2014 - Texas Heroes Day - The Legend Lives Friday and Saturday, the annual Texas Heroes Day - The Legend Lives Event will take place at the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Monument Hill and Kriesche Brewery State Historic Site in La Grange, Texas. This event is co-produced by the Friends of Monument Hill Kreische Brewery, the Monument Hill Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Chapter Number 53 of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, and the Friends of the Fayette Library and Museum. This two day event will celebrate the contributions made by the men of the ill-fated 1842 Dawson Massacre and the 1846 Meir Expedition. Every year this event is held on the weekend closest to September 18th when the remains were placed in their final burial site on the bluff above the scenic Colorado River valley which is now part of the state park.
Friday, the Fayette Library and Archives is offering extended hours and a 6 PM private reception and archival presentation for families and scholars researching the historical period between 1836 - 1840's when Texas gained independence from Mexico as a Republic through its transition into Statehood. Visitors are encourage to bring private historical collections with them to this event in order that those items can be copied or donated to the Fayette Archive adding to the efforts to grow the body of knowledge of this time period in this historic, central Texas region. Fayette County was part of the original Stephen F. Austin colony.
Saturday will feature historical re-enactments, a historic flag display, period craft demonstrations and music in addition to a commemorative program beginning at 9 AM at the Park. This year's commemorative program is To Be Announced. The Saturday program ends at Noon with a picnic.
Free handicap accessible, bus shuttles are offered using satellite parking at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on US 77 and Walnut Street in La Grange. The Park fee are $3 for adults and $2 for children under the age of twelve. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own picnic and folding chairs to enjoy a day in the Park. Proceeds from the tickets and donations go to the continuance and development of the Park's interpretive program that focuses on the 1836 - 1840's period history. Refreshments will be available for sale.
Monument Hill Kriesche Brewery State Historical Park is located one mile south of La Grange, Texas off U.S. 77 and Spur 92. The park is one mile west on Spur 92.
Contact Information:
Monument Hill Kreische Brewery State Historical Park at 979-968-5658
Reenactors contact:Lennie Brown info@texanatrailslodge.com979.247.4457
Historical information about the Dawson Massacre and/or the Mier Expedition see the Handbook of Texas online at


The Battle of Gonzales, October 2, 1835 - The settlers of Gonzales defy Mexican authority and fire the first shot of the Texas Revolution

October 4-6, 2013 - "Come and Take It" Days in Gonzales, Texas. In 1831 the Mexican government loaned the citizens of Gonzales a six-pound cannon as protection against the Indians. In September of 1835, as political unrest grew, Mexican officials at San Antonio de Bexar demanded the cannon be returned.
A corporal with five soldiers and an oxcart were first sent by Col. Ugartechea, Bexar military commander, to Gonzales. The corporal carried a request that the small reinforced cannon, a bronze six-pounder, be returned. Andrew Ponton refused, stalling for time, and the little cannon was buried. Next came Lieutenant Castaneda and 150 mounted soldiers to "take" the cannon. When the soldiers appeared on the west bank of the Guadalupe River, there were only 18 men in Gonzales, but these 'Old Eighteen' stood at the river in defiance, denied the Mexicans a crossing by hiding the ferry and sent out a call for volunteers to assist them. As the soldiers scouted the river for a place to cross, they moved upriver a short distance and camped for the night. There, early on Oct. 2, 1835, the colonists crossed the river with their cannon, surprising the troops and waving their hastily fashioned flag, which proclaimed "Come and Take It." Almost immediately the cannon fired, killing one of Castenada's men and scattering the rest, forcing them to retreat to San Antonio de Bexar. Thus was fired the shot that set off the struggle for Texas independence from Mexico. When the smoke cleared, the Mexican troops had taken off. The Texas Revolution had begun. Gonzales became known as "The Lexington of Texas", where the first shot was fired, and where the first Texas Army of Volunteers gathered. A few months after the first shot, men and boys from the region would gather in Gonzales, sending the only reinforcements ever received at the Alamo. More info at
Each October, on the weekend nearest the October 2 anniversary, the citizens of Gonzales gather to celebrate their Texas heritage in a three-day festival called "Come & Take It." In downtown Gonzales there is a parade, craft & food booths, music and much, much more. After you've seen the parade, eaten and drank your fill and the music is getting to you, gather up the family and head out to the Gonzales Pioneer Village, a mile or so north of downtown. At the Pioneer Village, you can leisurely stroll amongst 19th and early 20th century homes and other buildings. While doing this you will receive a short history and insight to the life and daily routine of the 1835 Texans. You will witness various scenarios and a skirmish between the Mexican troops and the Texans. This not an actual re-enactment of the original clash, but will give you a better understanding of 1830's military tactics. On Saturday the Village is open from 12 noon till 5p.m. There is a small admission fee for entry, but it is well worth it. See you there. Reenactors: This is an open event sponsored by the Crossroads of Texas Living History Association (COTLHA) and the Gonzales Pioneer Village. COTLHA safety rules and event protocols are in effect. All re-enactors are welcome provided they have the proper clothing, weapons, accouterments and camping gear for the 1836 Texas Revolution time period. (Clothing can be machine sewn, square toe boots of two or three piece leather or period shoes, modern eyeglasses accepted but discouraged in favor of period eyeglasses, period tobacco products.)
Friday: Set Camp-Electricity is available at camp sites; bring an extension cord and a fan! Hide in tent when grounds are open. Check with Event Coordinator Dennis Riedesel at for camping spots! - i.e., you camp in the battle ground - you move! Supper is on your own; traditionally we eat at the Whataburger Drive In. However you can have a camp fire and cook any and all meals if you wish. You can bring a period sleeping bag and sleep in some of the buildings but the beds in the houses are off limits.
7:30-8:00 Traditionally we all go to the restaurant at the Livestock Auction Barn for breakfast.
9:00 Those who want to ride the flatbed trailer or march in the parade load up for the trip downtown.
10:30 Downtown Parade.
12:00 Eat Lunch at the Festival Booths downtown. Those who participated in the parade get limited food and drink tickets - bring funds to purchase extra tickets.
1:00 Pioneer Village Opens to public. Living History presentations and demonstrations for the public.
3:00 Re-enactors start discussions and arguments on porch of the Gates House in favor of following positions: Federalist, Centeralist, Revolution, or Pacifist
3:15 Soldados take up positions-A few men on picket duty and the rest in reserve out of sight. Remember to perform a weapons safety check. No ram rods in the field or paper down the barrels!!!
3:30 Texian forces prepare for battle Weapons Safety Check-Flag raising-March out of town--Riedesel reads W. P. Smiths speech-- March to battle re-enactment positions.
4:00 Texian fire on Soldado's Picket line. Cease fire when Dr. Launcelot Smithers breaks from the Mexican Line to arrange a parley. Rest of the Mexican forces reinforce the picket line. Castaneda and Moore parley but break with no resolution to the argument. Moore shouts back, "If you want the cannon, come and take it!" When he clears the field, the cannon fires and both sides open fire. The Texian line advances and the Mexicans retire into the pasture.
End of battle 'til 5:00 Living history discussions and presentations with public.
5:00 Pioneer Village closes.
5:30/6:00 Chicken and Dumplings Dinner for Re-enactors. (This is one of the main reasons that all of us really come for!!)(Note: Sandra has retired and someone else will be cooking, but Chicken & Dumplings has been requested for tradition's sake.)
6:00 Break camp if you have to leave. The rest of the evening is a period living history party time for re-enactors.
7:30-8:00 Traditionally we all go back to the restaurant at the Livestock Auction Barn for breakfast.
9:00 Pioneer Village Opens. If you are leaving Sunday morning, you must have your camp struck and vehicle out of the Village before 9:00.
10:00 Pioneer Village's Memorial Ceremony for the Immortal 32.
IMPORTANT NOTES: Mosquitoes, red bugs (chiggers) and fire ants are usually a problem for campsites; wasps, spiders & scorpions are a concern in the buildings: be prepared.
If it is working, a shower facility is available--so bring soap and a towel.
There is some electricity available if you bring a fan, but remember your extension cords.
Safety Check before battle. No ramrods in the field. Load from paper cartilages only. No paper down the barrel of any weapon. COTLHA Safety Rules are in effect!!
Directions to back gate and re-enactor parking: Traveling South on US 183: Turn left on to Alt. US 90. Traveling North on US 183: Turn right on to Alt. US 90.
From Alt. US 90 Turn north on FM 794 toward Harwood. Follow highway to Pioneer Village Back Gate sign. Turn left and follow gravel road to gate.
Contact Dennis Riedesel at for more reenactor info and to RSVP, he wants to send out info packets. This event is rated 3.

October 4-5, 2013 - Boonville Days Living History Fair, sponsored by the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History. From the museum: "Visit with our blacksmith, flint knapper, roaming oxen, and miscellaneous characters again; enjoy kids' crafts, basket making, a cast-iron cook-off, pottery demonstrations, archery and more from 10 am to 5 pm. Daytime events are FREE and open to the public. Please let me know if you or any of your membership may be interested. We are also looking for other organizations that may be interested in participating."

Join the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History for the BOONVILLE DAYS HERITAGE FAIR! This includes the annual Buffalo Stampede 5K Race and 3K Walk at 7:30am starting at the Brazos Center. Come join in the race fun, and afterwards the entire family can enjoy this celebration of our heritage from 10 am to 4 pm.
Activities will take place both inside the Museum and on the Brazos Center grounds. Learn about Brazos County’s pioneer history: visit with characters in period costume, observe demonstrations of frontier skills and trades, see an authentic stagecoach, hear from a cowboy-poet, musicians, and much more. Our activity area will keep children busy learning to make pinch pots and other period crafts.
Visitors can also browse through the Museum’s Discovery Room, Library, and exhibition gallery, and explore our Texas history display and the current exhibit, Lone Star Lizards!
To learn more about this and other Museum events, activities and exhibitions call 979-776-2195, or visit our website at
Admission to this event and the Museum’s permanent galleries is $5 for adults, $4 for children 4-17, students, and seniors. Members and children 3 and under are free. The Museum, located in the Brazos Center on Briarcrest Drive, is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and the first Sunday of every month from 1-5 pm.

There is a midnight to 5 AM curfew, so overnight camping is not allowed (county rule). Bathrooms and water will be available; no dug fire pits (park rule) and above-ground fire pans may be allowed if a burn ban is not in effect then. For more info and registration contact Deborah Cowman or Henry Mayo. This event is rated 3.

The Battle for Goliad, October 9, 1835 - Goliad Falls to Texian Forces

October 9, 2010 - Fall at the Alamo, sponsored by the DRT - Place: On the grounds of the Alamo - Time: Setup 8 AM, event 9AM to 5PM. Lunch will be provided and parking paid. This year, the contact person is Carol Potter. Here is an email link. ALL persons interested MUST be on our attendance sheet. Contact deadline is October 1. The Alamo welcomes your participation. This event is rated 3½ .

October 12, 2013 - Jane Long Festival, Fort Travis Seashore Park on the Bolivar Peninsula. 11 AM to 4 PM. There's tons more info on their website than I can put here... contact (email) Charlotte Stirling This event is not rated.

October ?, 20? - Taking of the Presidio at Presidio La Bahia, Goliad. This event is a reenactment of the capture of La Bahia from the Mexican garrison by Texians under Collinsworth. (See Battle for Goliad, Oct 9 1835 above.)This is one of the rarely told stories of the Texas Revolution. Preregistration is required (by Oct 4) including $12 per person (check payable to "Refugio Militia c/o Doug Davenport", registration and liability forms; send these to Doug Gray, 11160 Jollyville Rd. #707, Austin TX 78759. For more info - and registration form - contact Andrew Gray 830-832-2407 This event is rated 3½.
Howdy all,
I wanted to take another opportunity to pitch the Taking of the Presidio on Oct 15-17.
If you haven't been to this event in a while, or haven't had the chance at all, this is about the best time I can think of to seize the opportunity!
The event this year will feature a dawn tactical without the public; an afternoon skirmish representing the battle at Victoria, and will conclude with the assault on Presidio La Bahia at dusk. Dinner prior to the main assault is provided as part of the registration package.
Also, for those interested, this year we will have a designated "campaign camp" for Texians who wish to portray militia just arriving from Matagorda and Refugio traveling light. A mainstream area for tents will be close by for anyone who requires the usual amenities.
I am also pleased to announce that David Vickers will once again run the Claymore Tavern.
Lastly, the first 20 people to register will get a t-shirt included as part of their registration packet. My understanding is that there are still some spots available. The registration deadline is Oct 4, and the leftover shirts will be sold at the event, but the price has yet to be determined.
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to seeing you there. Until then, it is my honor to remain
Your Ob't Serv't,
Andrew Gray
President & 1st Sgt, Refugio Militia

October 25-26, 2013 - Texian Market Days, at the George Ranch just south of Richmond, Texas . ;This annual living history festival will be held Friday, October 23th (School Day) and Saturday, October 24th at the George Ranch Historical Park. The festival includes costumed staff and volunteers presenting vignettes of daily lives and heroic moments from the early days in Stephen F. Austin's colony (1830s) through the late years of the Great Depression and World War II (1940s), along with toe-tapping old-time tunes, an antique tractor show and pull (in collaboration with the Texas Antique Tractor Pull Association), arts and crafts from around the region at the Texian Market Place and so much more. Proceeds from Texian Market Days support the educational programs of the Fort Bend Museum Association, including the George Ranch Historical Park and the Fort Bend Museum.
Sunday is available for re-enactment groups to use the park as an at-your-own-pace breakdown day or even a tactical/meeting day.
We are also seeking re-enactors willing to appear at our Friday School Day. Last years event saw over 3,000 school kids on Friday alone.
Greetings all,
Please plan to join us for Texian Market Days . And bring your friends and colleagues who haven’t made it in recent years to TMD.
Like last year, Market Days will be a two-day festival, comprising a school day Friday event (from approximately 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.), and an all-day Saturday event (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). We will continue to hold our annual volunteer dinner on Saturday night for all who wish to participate. Sunday will allow the freedom for volunteers to pack and leave at their own pace so that there is no pressure to stay late into the early evening and then drive home before the Monday workday. Also, Sunday will be available for any reenactment group that would like to schedule and stage a tactical or other drill for their organization. There will be no public programming that day of any kind (the Park is closed on Sundays and Mondays as part of our operating schedule), so groups are free to stage these activities at their leisure.
Some Park staff and dedicated volunteers will participate in foodways programming throughout the festival. Mostly this will be aimed at samples for guests, though volunteers may be invited to enjoy extras. Lunch will be provided for volunteers both Friday and Saturday during the Festival. Reenactors are always welcome to bring and prepare period foods as part of their interpretation. Modern snack foods and beverages will be available on site from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Please direct specific questions about the area where you wish to volunteer to the appropriate Park staff lead. For TMD 2010, the contacts for interpretive areas are:
JR Thomas (1830s), Matt Driggers (1860s), (1930s) and Nick Castelberg (Foodways, 1890’s). We can all be reached through the main switchboard at the Park, by calling (281) 545-9212.
Your registration can be faxed (281) 343-9316, mailed or e-mailed.
Join us as we share this festival of living history,
We the staff would like to thank you for your dedicated and generous help in making this event possible.
Official announcement done, now it is my turn. Last years TMD went off with a resounding success. No portapotties were stolen (cough, cough, cough) and we only had one tent and a small patch of the field burnt to the bare earth. Nobody was injured by flying tortillas and now was killed with a wooden spoon. That aside, fun was had by all and I hope to see old friends as well as make some new ones this year. If you have any ideas as to new and interesting things that we can do this year, do not hesitate to send me an email.
J.R. Thomas
1830's Site Lead

Festival Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Daily hours are the same)
Admission at the Gate: $10 adult ($8 if purchased by October 21); $5 child ($4 if purchased by October 21) Children 4 and younger and members of the Fort Bend Museum Association are free. Tickets go on sale September 1, 2008. Craft vendors, please see the Vendor Information Package or e-mail Mitzi Jackson or call her at 281-342-1256.
For information about volunteering, please email J.R. Thomas or call him at 281-343-0218 x 278.
For information about setting up a food booth, please email Kristi Farquar.
For information about joining us as a sponsor of Texian Market Days, please email Diana Winebar or call her at 281-342-1256. This event is rated 3.

Battle of Concepción, October 28, 1835 - Opening engagement in the siege of Béxar

October 26, 2013 - "Battle of Concepción"   Alamo Plaza.  Admission is free. Near the old Spanish Mission of Concepción, this battle of the Texas Revolution was fought between the Mexican military garrisoned in town and the Texian rebels.  Members of the San Antonio Living History Association, using authentic flintlock weapons, dress in uniforms and clothing of the 1830s. The event includes a commemorative ceremony and historic encampment with period demonstrations and life skills of the 1835-36 Texas Revolution. For more information contact SALHA through their web site. ;This event is rated 3.


November 1-2, 2013 - Austin Town Historical Reenactment Imagine the sound of a thunderous cannon boom as the militia is called to muster and seeing Stephen F. Austin, Jane Long, and other historical characters living life as it was in their time.
Step back in time with the Brazoria County Historical Museum as it presents the annual Austin Town. A living history re-enactment, Austin Town recalls and celebrates the lives of those pioneers who settled Colonial Texas from 1821 to 1832. The fictitious "Austin Town" typically features character interpreters, demonstrators, sutlers, militia drill units, and period games. The purpose of the three-day event is not only to provide an educational and entertaining experience for Brazoria County residents, but also to attract visitors from outside the County who appreciate our area's wonderful history as well.
The Austin Town site is located approximately 3 miles off of State Highway 288 on Business 288, just north of Angleton, Texas. Public attendees: Admission Prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12 and senior citizens over 65. Austin Town is open for school groups only on Friday. Austin Town is open to all visitors on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator via e-mail at or by telephone at (979) 864-1208. Registration forms are required. To participate please go to the Brazoria County Historical Museum’s webpage at BCHM's Website. This event is rated 3.

November 2, 2013 - Stephen F. Austin's Birthday Celebration, Texas State Cemetery, Austin. The Moses Austin Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas are hosting a memorial service with musket volley and cannon salute, to honor Stephen F. Austin's birthday. We will start at 10:00 a.m., and the program should last about 45 minutes, or a tiny bit more. This year's speaker is TBA. From IH 35, go East on 7th street to Navasota. Turn left, cemetery main building will be up the block on your right, at the largest flagpole in East Austin. For info contact Bob Reese rreese8611@aolcom or 512-258-0599. This event is rated 3.

November 9, 2013 Pioneer Day at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, 20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble Texas 77338- about 1 1/2 miles west of Hwy 59, off of FM 1960 (near North side of Bush Intercontinental Airport of Houston). Calling all Texas Living History re-enactors. We invite you to our annual Pioneer Day celebration. This year's event will be held on Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Our park features a complete Pioneer homestead, woodworking shop, blacksmith shop and Akokisa Indian village. We allow period camping on both Friday and Saturday nights. All re-enactors will receive lunch on Saturday and anyone in period dress is invited to our after event barn dance beginning at 7:00 PM.
This event is free to the public and draws between 1500 and 3000 people annually. This year's event will feature a Tex-Mex skirmish, historical exhibits, arts and crafts, games and demonstrations of Pioneer skills. Our goal is to teach Texas History and also give the public an idea of the everyday life of the early inhabitants of Texas .
We are looking for exhibitors, demonstrators, and participants for the skirmish.
The event guidelines and registration form are on one Adobe .pdf document, click here. Pre-registration is required. A flyer for the event is available on the park website, also in .pdf.
For any and all re-enactors wishing to stay Friday and/or Saturday night, sites for period camping are available. We can accommodate several over-nighters in the park's tents and homestead structures on a first come, first reserved basis. Families are most welcome to stay as well. Modern restrooms and showers are located near the homestead. We have plenty of hay, fire rings, firewood and atmosphere to help make the stay enjoyable.
Please contact me for directions or with any questions - Monte Parks at 281.446.8588 or email For more information on the park, it's programs and people please visit: or call us at 281.446.8588 - Monte Parks This event is rated 3½.

November 16, 2013 -Grass Fight at San Antonio Memorial Library adjacent field. Sponsored by Premier Battalion de Mexico. Check in starts at 8 AM, with the event starting at 10. One day event. For more information contact Martin Vasquez by email at This event is rated 3.


The Storming of Béxar, December 5-9, 1835 - Béxar (San Antonio) Falls to Texian Forces - Dec 9, 1835 General Cos Surrenders

December 7, 2013 - Battle of Béjar and the Capitulation of General Cos The San Antonio Living History Association reenacts the storming of San Antonio de Bejar (now City of San Antonio, Texas) by Texian and native Tejano volunteers who laid siege and drove out the Mexican garrison from the town of Bejar and the Alamo fortress in December 1835. This event includes a walking tour of La Villita and a reenactment of the Battle of Bejar. For more information contact SALHA through their web site. Reenactors contact San Antonio Living History Assoc. Pres. Bill Barnett at 210-826-2629 or event coordinator Ed Lunderman at thistle1996@hotmail. com for more information. Note 9/5/10: the date on the SALHA event page for this event is incorrect and will be updated soon. This event is rated 3.

December 10-11, 17-18 2010 - Campfire Christmas, at the George Ranch just south of Richmond, Texas. The families of the George Ranch are delighted to invite you to a very special celebration of the holiday season. The evening will include a traditional Texas meal, wagon rides, caroling and campfires, and tours of the George Ranch homes. Travel through the park on a hay wagon, and visit the Jones Stock Farm, decked out in Christmas cheer 1830s-style, where the family will be gathered by candlelight to sing carols and tell stories. Visit the George home, where early 20th century holiday traditions will come to life. Finally, join the ranch's cowboys and their friends around the campfire to toast the season and its blessings. The George Ranch will be cozy and our welcome will be warm as you step into this unique holiday celebration. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED, and you are warned that tickets sell out quick. Tickets are available for purchase on line, and reservations are non-refundable.
For more information, please call 281-343-0218 or 281-545-9212 x 220 or visit
Note: The Campfire Christmas program takes about three hours. Please dress for a casual evening outdoors. Bring a blanket if you wish. In true Texas fashion, Campfire Christmas goes on regardless of the weather.

December 11, 2010 Christmas in Washington at Washington-on-the-Brazos. ; Experience the magic of the holiday season with a candlelight visit to Independence Hall, the Birthplace of Texas. Enjoy caroling in the Visitor Center while shopping for those special gifts. Afterwards, stroll down a candlelit trail to Independence Hall, and enjoy stories of Washington’s past and learn how the residents of Washington would have celebrated the holiday season. Discover the holiday traditions at Washington on the Brazos….they just might become your traditions as well. Designed to coincide with Barrington Farm’s event, this special program will be an ongoing experience from 6PM to 8PM. For more information contact Scott McMahon at 936 878-2214 ext. 224 or Scott McMahon, Park Ranger IV / Interpreter . This event is rated 3 ½.


January 25, 2014 - Pilgrim's Camp and Swap Meet. This year we will be at 1147 Fm 1890, Columbus, TX 78934. Too pay for the facility (including required insurance), camp fee is $10 and Saturday-only ("day trippers") is $5. As before, we are stating that the public is invited, in the intent of making sure our invitation is not misconstrued as "members only". -- Program TBA. Email Jerry Tubbs if you have an idea (or better yet, an outline) of a presentation. Folks from several different Texas Rev groups have joined together to organize this annual event with the goal of providing a friendly, safe, informative and fun place for "civilians" to explore their interest in living history and for "old hands" to pass on their knowledge and expertise. Camping will be available in two camps; one for modern camping and one for period camping. Camp setup will be on Friday and we can tear down as late as Sunday afternoon. There will be an all-day opportunity for one-on-one discussions on the various levels of living history; the philosophy and goals of our avocation; weapons, clothing and tools of the period; historical research, and, above all else: safety issues. In order to provide an environment most conducive to learning, the event will be focused toward living historians, reënactors, those curious about our hobby, and those interested in possibly joining us. If you have been interested in this part of Texas history, or have wondered "how could I", then this is the event for you.
Ever wonder how this event got started? Click here.
In conjunction with the "Pilgrim's" Camp, the "old hands" are encouraged to bring their surplus gear, equipment, clothes and accouterments for an old fashioned trading session and swap meet. Be sure to bring those items you no longer have a need for.
If you're a living historian interested in helping lead one of the presentations or simply someone interested in getting involved in the wonderful world of early Texas, contact Jerry Tubbs (telephone 713-973-1136) or Charlie Yates. Bring firewood  and we will have real bathrooms (which also means water will be available). Of course, we are at the mercy of any burn bans, but at this site fire pits are allowed as long as you replace the sod, as usual. Period dress, though not required, is definitely encouraged. This event is rated 1.


February 9, 2013 - Homestead Heritage Day at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, 20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble Texas 77338- about 1 1/2 miles west of Hwy 59, off of FM 1960 (near North side of Bush Intercontinental Airport of Houston). The event is open to the public from 10-4 and brings on average 2,500-4000 visitors. A big invitation goes out to any and all Texas history re-enactors to help bring this event together! Texas time-line: pre-historic, Spanish, French, Mexican, Texian; Colonization, Revolution, Republic, State, Civil War, Reconstruction; Texas up to 1880. For re-enactors wishing to stay Friday and/or Saturday night, sites for period camping are available. We can accommodate several over-nighters in the park's tents and homestead structures. Families are most welcome to stay as well. Modern restrooms and showers are located near campsites. We have plenty of hay, fire rings and firewood to help make the stay enjoyable. Just please pre-register with us first to make sure there is still room! Contact Monte Parks at 281.446.8588 or email For more information on the park, it's programs and people please visit: or call 281.446.8588 -- Reenactors: Click here for forms and info at target="_blank" This event is rated 3½.

Santa Anna and the Mexican Army Arrive in Béxar, February 23, 1836 - The Alamo is Surrounded by Mexican Forces

February 23, 2013 - The Alamo Under Siege To the people of Texas and all Americans in the world... The Alamo under Siege . Join us for an evening with heroes. Have you ever wondered what the men were doing prior to the battle of The Alamo? Come experience a reenactment of the events and conversations of the evening of March 5th, 1836, just hours before the final attack. Seven scenarios will take you back; you will witness history unfold. There will be four presentations that evening: 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Each presentation will last aproximately 45 minutes. Only 300 tickets will be sold for this event. Ticket price is $10 for adults; $5 for children under 12. Tickets can be purchased at the Alamo or by contacting:
Ernesto Rodriguez 210-225-1391 ext. 28
Sherri Driscoll 210-225-1391 ext. 35

February 26, 2011 - - Glory at the Alamo at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Admission is free. Living history reënactments portray the beginning of the 13-day Alamo siege including the earlier-than-expected arrival of Santa Anna's Army of Operations Against Texas; early attempts to parley, an Alamo cannon shot in reply; and the reading of the famous Travis letter from the Alamo asking for aid.  This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information and registration forms contact SALHA through their web site; the list of documents is on their calendar. This event is rated 3½ .



Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1836 Delegates in convention at Washington-On-The-Brazos sign the Texas Declaration of Independence

Texas Independence Day Celebrations:

March 1, 2014 - Texas Independence Day Festivities at Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas. Texas Independence Day- March 2nd, 1836 is one of, if not the most important dates in Texas history. The importance of that date is most relevant here at Washington on the Brazos SHS. Washington was the town where Texians declared independence from Mexico and as such is know as the Birthplace of Texas. Come out and spend the weekend visiting with us here at the park. Admission to the park is free and there will be folks demonstrating period crafts, food vendors from all over Texas, period music by local musicians and historic figures on hand to visit with you about the early days of Texas. There are a lot of special displays being planned for the 175th. For info or an invitation to participate on this weekend, contact Scott McMahon, Park Ranger IV / Interpreter . Scott can be reached at 936-878-2214 ext. 224. Mail is Scott McMahon - Park Ranger IV, Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site, P.O. Box 305, Washington, TX 77880. This event is rated 3½.

February 22- March 2, 2014- Texas Independence Day Celebrations, statewide. Celebrate Texas encourages everyone to help with celebrations in their hometown. See their website.

Feb. 28, 2014 - Texas Independence Day Memorial Service, Texas State Cemetery, Austin, at 3 PM . PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE due to State Cemetery schedule. From IH 35, go East on 7th street to Navasota. Turn left, cemetery main building will be up the block on your right, at the largest flagpole in East Austin. Memorial service and musket volley to honor the Great State of Texas, and the Men and Women who made her so. Keynote Speaker: TBA. This event will be held rain or shine. Volley participants: Safety check is at 2:30 PM. Must be at safety check to participate in volley. Loading will be from cartridges (no horns or flasks). Bring enough cartridges for 2 sets of 3 volleys. RSVP This event is rated 3.

March 1, 2014 - Texas Independence Day Celebration and Parade in Austin, Texas. Scheduled start is 9:30 AM. Sponsored by our friends at Celebrate Texas . More info at their website. TLA Members and Friends: Those intending to march with us in the parade or ride the TLA float please RSVP as there are new parking retrictions at TxDOT. This event is rated 3.

The Alamo Falls to Santa Anna, March 6, 1836 - Travis, Crockett, Bowie and approximately 250 defenders are killed in heavy, early morning fighting.

March 6, 2014 - Dawn at the Alamo Memorial 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio,Texas. SALHA members, joined by re-enactors from across the U.S., represent both armies and pay homage in recognition of the great sacrifices made on both sides of the Alamo conflict. Thirteen candles are lit to symbolize the 13-day Alamo siege. The fall of the Alamo is remembered with a historical narrative, readings of eyewitness accounts, a reconciliation peace prayer, in both English and Spanish, flintlock musket volley salutes, and the placement of commemorative wreathes complete the solemn event. This free hour-long event begins during the Alamo battle hour that begins in darkness and ends in early morning light. Participation with wreaths is welcomed from Alamo descendants, historical organizations, students and other visitors. For more information contact SALHA through their web site. Dutch treat breakfast at the Menger Hotel follows. This event is rated 3½.

March 2, 2014 - Alamo Defenders Memorial Service, Texas State Capitol grounds, Congress Ave. and 11th Street, Austin. Memorial service and musket volley to honor the defenders of the Alamo. 2PM. Volley participants: Safety check is at 1:30 PM. Must be at safety check to participate in volley. Loading will be from cartridges (no horns or flasks). Bring enough cartridges for 3 shots. RSVP Jim Price. This event is rated 3.

March 8-9, 2014 - "Remembering the Alamo" Weekend at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio Living History Association interpreters portray the events of the famous Battle of the Alamo. Visitors will also enjoy period music and dancing, flintlock arms and cannon demonstrations, and engage in interactive living history exhibits and skills demonstrations. For more information contact SALHA through their web site. This event is rated 3.

Battle of Coleto, March 19, 1836 - Fannin and 384 men under his command surrender to General Urrea

Fannin Massacre, March 27, 1836 - Fannin and his command are massacred at Goliad

March 29-30, 2014 - The Goliad Massacre at Presidio La Bahía, Goliad, Texas. Annual Goliad Massacre - Fort Defiance Living History Program. A recreation of the occupation of the fort by Col. Fannin and the Goliad Massacre. The only event of its kind in the State of Texas. Saturday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Candlelight Tours 7 P.M. to 9 P. M. Sunday, following the Massacre Reenactment at 10:00 A.M., there will be a memorial service and a pilgrimage to the Fannin Memorial. This event is sponsored by the Presidio La Bahía and the Crossroads of Texas Living History Association. For guidelines for clothing, attendance information, timetable of events, Reënactor/Living Historian information and the most recent info, check out the COTLHA web site If you are not sure about clothing and such, check the end of the COTLHA bylaws which has an appendix with guidelines. . More questions? CONTACTS: Steve Trowbridge , 307 Taos, Victoria, TX 77904 or Dave Vickers , P. O. Box 942, Sinton, TX 78387. Presidio Calendar: This event is rated ;3½.


April 5, 2014 - Runaway Scrape,at the George Ranch . One and all are invited to the Annual Runaway Scrape at the George Ranch. The Scrape will interpret the approach of Santa Anna’s army through the area and the ensuing panic that it causes, including the Engagement at Thompson's Ferry. If you want to arrive Friday afternoon to set up your lodge, that is perfectly fine but preferably after 3 p.m. If you need to set up earlier, please let me know. Please email J.R. Thomas if you are able to attend and to get a registration form (registration by email available this year).
Check In Time and Weapons Check: 8 a.m.Saturday.
Two Reenactments with lunch provided by the George Ranch. Cobbler... tasty cobbler.
I look forward to seeing everyone soon.
J.R. Thomas 1830's Site Lead Note: J.R.'s work email was hacked... and chaged; they deleted the "r": This event is rated 3½.

Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836 - Santa Anna's Army Defeated by General Sam Houston and Texian Forces

April 26, 2014 - San Jacinto Battle Reënactment The events will be at the reflecting pool site with the large berm so the spectators have "stadium seating". In addition to the Battle Re-enactment at 3:30 there will be an all day Festival with crafts, demonstrations, entertainment and food. Living history demonstrations will be at the Texian Army camp, Mexican Army camp and the Run-a-way (Civilian) camp as well as at the Festival. Come and spend the day at San Jacinto, where Texas Won its Independence. Contact Jerry Tubbs for the battle re-enactment, this is an invitation-only, pre-registered only event . Safety meetings (especially the 9 AM) and weapons inspections are mandatory for participation - ABSOLUTELY NO "WALK-ONS", AND NO "DAY-OF" REGISTRATIONS This reenactment includes Hollywood-grade pyrotechnics.... when the cannons go boom, so does the target. Teachers and Public: contact Dianne Powell for the Festival or visit the web site at Sutlers, food vendors, and lots to see & do for the public.
Reenactors note: To All San Jacinto Volunteers:
The San Jacinto invitations and registration forms are again being sent electronically. The forms can be downloaded at It is important that you read the invitation carefully and thoroughly as there is always new information and may be changes to camp personnel. There are changes, read your preregistration packet carefully.
When filling out the registration and waiver, you may leave the date on the waiver blank or you may put the date of April 16. It is important that they be returned no later than April 4 to or send it by mail, to arrive in time, to:
Linda Tubbs
10970 Fire Creek Dr
Houston, TX 77043
If you know of anyone who has changed their e-mail address please let me know. If you have any other questions, please email me. Thank you very much.
Linda Tubbs
This event is rated 3½.

April 22, 2013 - Alamo Funeral Pyre Site Commemorative Ceremony is the Official Fiesta Event for the Sons of the Republic of Texas, Travis Chapter on Monday April 22, 2013, starting in Alamo Plaza.
This will be the first time this event has ever taken place. This event will be a first in many areas; first time the Funeral Pyre Site will be acknowledged in the Fiesta Events; first time one heritage group, the SRT Travis Chapter will honor the most important heritage group of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association and their ancestors, the Alamo Defenders. The first time and only time the viewing general public will be invited to become part of a historical re-enactment of Texas History. There has not been any Official Event where the public has been invited to be part of the event. (That is if you do not count eating, drinking and dancing as participation.)
This is a tightly scripted event, including a procession; for information , and script, contact Charlie Cantu This event is rated 3½.



If you would like to have your pre-1840 Texas History event listed here, send me all the pertinent information and I'll post it. Be sure to include a TLA Rating and an event contact for further information.

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